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When a director reads a script he or she develops a personal vision for how that story should be told. Whether it is a dark tale, a story of triumph, or one of passion, the director's unique vision will be responsible for presenting it in a way that no other director would. Ishaya Bako has presented himself has a director that sees beyond the words on the page to a moving picture with specific shots, lighting, mood, nuance and emotion -- all visually created for the screen.

Braids on a Bald Head is one of those works that tells the creativity of Ishaya Bako. An alumni of London Film School, he came out with an artistic vision to guide the work of the film crew as they searched for suitable locations, hired cast, designed the sets and lighting, and finally edited and dub the finished recording.

Braids on a Bald Head is a short film about a Hausa hairdresser who during the course of her day is able to ask for better in her stagnant marriage after having an experience that questions her sexuality. Produced by Oliver Aleogena and shot by Clarence Peters, it is a film shot in Kaduna, Nigeria with a wholly Nigerian cast and crew.

This is the director's tale; "I touched down in Abuja on the 1st of April; it was balmy and strangely luminous, like everything and everyone had a light shimmer to them. From the dust covered fan that creaked while it rotated inconsistently due to the fluctuating current to the two immigration officers that checked my passport, wearing fake smiles and looking incredibly bored. I’ll attribute the glow to the excitement that flowed all through my body; and even while stuck in traffic at Lugbe going into the city, I smiled at the passengers jostling to get into buses and taxis; I smiled at the policeman who wasn’t quite sure what he was doing in the middle of the road; I smiled at two drivers arguing with each other while parts of their recently crashed cars lay on the road, oblivious to the horns of the other cars around them. I smiled at the sun rising and warming this beautifully flawed city, this beautifully flawed country.

I’m here to make a film about a poor, married hairdresser who through a brief homosexual encounter is able to muster up courage and stand up to her inattentive husband and ask for better. I have strange illusions of grandeur that are rooted in reality; I’m here for a project that addresses sensitive issues and themes. I’m hopeful, but I’m also aware of the difficulties that I will inevitably come across. My only wish is that this beautifully flawed land be kind to me- be more beautiful than flawed."

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